Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beaches and Bachelorettes

I adore the beach. Let me just say that. I grew up near the beach in NC and got way too spoiled spending weekends at the beach all summer. Now that my sweet hubs has so kindly brought me back to my roots we get to go to the beach on weekends again! A couple weeks ago Chris and I went to Carolina Beach with a few friends and our sweet pooch Trek. Carolina Beach has a great section where you can just drive on the sand and back the truck up. We had a super stellar tailgate party beach side! Trek was obsessed with the water. He kept going out so deep..I was getting a bit nervous. He played so hard and was knocked out the whole way home. As usual, I didn't get a tan...I'm really over it people. My husband is basically black year round so no amount of tan on my white self makes a bit of I quit. No more cancer....bring on the SPF 50!!
Trek insisted on digging the biggest holes I have ever seen. He dug so deep so fast. The pictures hardly do them justice. We were impressed.
Last weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating my besties bachelorette PAR-TAY!!!! I went to Richmond and got to meet all of her VA Tech friends!!! It was too much fun! Lets just say we burned a WIDE streak through Richmond and my feet STILL hurt! We had a whole weekend that was full of girly fun all in Laura's wedding colors! I think Laura Leigh thoroughly enjoyed herself which is all we could ask for! Her wedding is in September and I can't wait to see all the girls again!! Here are some pics from the weekend:

I have tons more life updates plus so super great "patient of the week" stories. I'll get to it tomorrow because tonight I must study! boo!


  1. love love love you!!! im so glad i got to spend such a fun weekend with YOU! :) xoxo

  2. I found your blog! It was so great to meet you at Laura's bachelorette party--can't wait until we do it all over AGAIN!