Sunday, July 19, 2009

Off to the Races

I have some great friends here in Virginia. All my girls and their men planned a great pre-birthday weekend for me. About 30 miles away in West Virginia is a horse racing track a lot like Oaklawn at home. They do night races for some reason so it was a little different. We had so much fun....didn't make a lot of money, but we still had fun. I got lots of birthday wishes and spent an awesome weekend with my precious man-cakes! Now back to work on my actual birthday....BOO!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I must do better!

I tell ya what...I really suck at this blog thing. Once a month just really defeats the purpose of keeping friends and family updated on your life. As usual, life is insane and far from normal for the Petrancostas, but we are loving it! Just a quick recap: Since we got married in December I have lived in: Washington DC, Winchester VA, Richmond VA, Spruce Pine NC, Fayetteville AR, and Fayetteville NC. 6 cities in 6 months people!!!..can you say ridiculous?? It has been a challenging first 6 months of marriage, but it has been so fun too. Chris and I are getting to explore a whole new part of the country together. We hiked through the Blue Ridge Mountains and part of the Appalachian Trail a few weekends ago. The trail ended at a waterfall. We had a little picnic lunch and let Trek swim around. I just love our family!!!

I also got to spend a whole month at home in Arkansas. I missed my family and friends SOOOOO much and it felt amazing to be at home. I got to relive my 4 years in college for a few weeks which was much needed. While I was home I got to share in a HUGE moment!!!!! My sister and Ryan FINALLY got engaged! Yes people.....pigs can fly...hell has frozen over!!!!! This has been a long long LONG time coming and I am so thankful that I got to share in the special moment with them! They have set the date for July 10, 2010! I can't wait and neither can Linds.

All in all, life is wonderful these days. Chris and I try to see each other every weekend. For anyone who knew us before we got married you know that every weekend is pretty amazing! We can wait to get settled and really be married. Only a few more months of this moving around business. For now Chris is here in the US. He is part of a global response force so they could yank him up at anytime with just 48 hours notice. We pray that won't happen, but we are prepared if it does!

Ok this is a super long post, but I am going to start a new thing. Some of my friends like to mention a "friend of the week" or "cooking tips"...well folks I am introducing "PATIENT OF THE WEEK" I am finding that my patient's tell me WAY more than they should about their lives..and some of it is pretty freakin' funny. So I will share them with you.

Patient of the Week: 17 year old acne patient

This patient comes in for evaluation of her acne. She has tried just about everything and is ready to start accutane. For those of you not familiar with accutane, it can cause birth defects if you are pregnant and you take the pill so the government requires monthly pregnancy tests as well as birth control for girls using accutane. So 17 year old chic goes to pee on the stick and take the prego test. We ask her before if she is sexual active and she says no...great! Moments later the nurse catches me in the hallway with BIG eyes only to tell me that 17 year old acne chic HAS A POSITIVE PREGO TEST! UH OH! So we have to tell her....when I go in to talk to her I again ask if she is sexual active. "no" she says...well darlin' it's time to shoot straight cause your prego test is positive.YIKES! She freaks expected. Then she proceeds to tell me quite possibly the funniest/ saddest thing I have ever heard. "No, don't understand I am NOT sexual active. My boyfriend is..........I just lay there" I kid you not people...this actually happened!!!! My jaw dropped..I bit my cheeks SOOOOO hard so I wouldn't just burst out laughing. The nurse had to leave the room because she couldn't hold it in. I love my job!